The Baroness’ forest

The building is located on a plot of land once owned by a baroness, a Sicilian noblewoman who there grew her precious grapes, at the lead of local farmers. Locals still used to call it “The Baroness’ forest” when, in 1999, Alfio Russo and Angela Pantò, a married couple, bought the entire premise, foreseeing an enormous potential in those terraces, by the time untamed, and those old abandoned tenements. It took about ten years to bring the vineyard back to the old splendour of those times in which that volcanic land used to make the grapevines so cariche (loaded) with grapes that they would bend under the bunches’ weight. Hence the name carricante (loading) given to the native vine variety, which the current owners keep farming.


The idea of the holiday farm came from the desire of giving new life to those old farmers’ homes full of charm and history, and that of sharing their allure with tourists from all over the world.