An open air gym

The Life path is a type of workout performed in close contact with nature. A loop that is designed through the trails of the great estate and framed by the chestnut trees’ majesty and the vineyards’ scent. It includes a balanced programme of motor activities and is composed of a number of stages spaced-out among them in about a hundred metres. After an initial warming-up phase, each of the other stages includes a different kind of workout, to be performed as floor exercises or with the help of equipment specifically provided along the path. The stages are reached with a slight double-quick (hence the strong aerobic component of the Life path workout), breathing deeply for a better movement coordination.

This workout’s key to success is the fact that anyone can carry it out (children, adults, seniors, athletes and non-athletes), since it enables the adaptation of the single exercises to anyone’s specific conditions and possibilities, also considering the crisp and healthy country air and environment. Finally, it is important to mention the full freedom of choice as far as days, times, intensity and quantity of the workout go. It is a kind of workout that makes the heartbeat go constantly up and down, though always keeping it in the aerobic phase, which is the one that enables fat loss.

You can enjoy the path by yourself, since Le Case del Merlo makes it available to anyone, or you can also make a reservation with our personal trainer, who will take you along the path explaining and showing the right execution for each exercise, based upon your starting physical conditions.